IFX Mail Archive: RE: Fwd: RE: Question on FaxConnect Results..

IFX Mail Archive: RE: Fwd: RE: Question on FaxConnect Results..

RE: Fwd: RE: Question on FaxConnect Results..

Richard Shockey (rshockey@ix.netcom.com)
Fri, 05 Feb 1999 12:20:20 -0600

At 09:36 AM 2/5/1999 -0800, you wrote:
>I like the idea of only watermarking GSTN pages. Again the concern is legal
>documents...maybe this is a small segment of the market and thus is not all
>that important...I'd have to look at that. Maybe a legal eagle could tell
>us how SMTP and IPP transactions would be viewed in terms of "traceability"
>and "responsibility"... The rest is just a matter of software :)
>Mike Crawford
>iReady Corporation

Legal is a big market for fax and they are often some of the most
aggressive early adopters of new fax technology, such as Lan Fax servers.

They will demand coverpage generation facilities in desktop software
systems so they can insert their silly boiler plate.

Network scanning devices [like fax machines] are another issue.

The general rule I've researched is that the courts understand that
technology changes. Look at the MS trial for instance ..E-Mail is put into
evidence without any question to its authenticity.

My position is that so long as we attempt to "comply" with the legal
requirements and we state that in our standards documents there should be
no problem.

The real issue is end user perception. Do they really want to see the
watermarks?? My suspicion is that, at the very least, they want the option.

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