IFX Mail Archive: Re: IPP2IFAX BOF and Name Change

IFX Mail Archive: Re: IPP2IFAX BOF and Name Change

Re: IPP2IFAX BOF and Name Change

Mon, 1 Mar 1999 09:04:21 -0500

It seems to be the real issue is in the area of fidelity. The predictability as
to the appearance of the document at the receiving end is very, very high.
Rather than simply calling it "Reliable Document Delivery" some like "Preserved
Fidelity Document Delivery" or something else that is more in line with the
preservation of the appearance of the document would be more appropropriate.

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>I'm traveling this week.. but some quick input here could be helpful.

I personally have no problem with trying to recast the effort into responding
to some form of business need, rather than on emulating existing fax semantics
- since that seems to me what is being said.

How about: Reliable Document Delivery?

Reliable (i.e. the user is able to rely on it) seems to me to be what this is
about. Right?

Documents seem to be accepted parlance for the content that requires what we
are doing (formal communication).

Delivery (to a printer) is the scope.

I think we can then define Reliable as encompassing the necessary end user
comfort levels, and organisational service levels, for immediacy, surety of
receipt, legal admissibility, authentication, confidentiality, etc.