IFX Mail Archive: Re: Name that WG contest

IFX Mail Archive: Re: Name that WG contest

Re: Name that WG contest

Thu, 18 Mar 1999 11:04:12 -0700

Why not just QDoc? You know... "send me a QDoc when you get back to the
office"... "you gonna Q that to me?"...

Harry Lewis
IBM Printing Systems

Richard Shockey <rshockey@ix.netcom.com> on 03/17/99 07:23:11 PM

To: ifx@pwg.org
cc: (bcc: Harry Lewis/Boulder/IBM)
Subject: Name that WG contest

Well we have not had a "name that WG" contest but we have had a outstanding
contribution from Dave Crocker....QualDocs.

I suppose the contest is still open for submissions ...there is a prize
just havent figured out what it is..

> At 02:40 PM 3/17/99 -0600, Richard Shockey wrote:
>> Dave Crocker suggested a working name of TCNDOCS for Document Delivery
>> with Timely Delivery, Confirmation and Negotiation.
> Credit where due: I suggested a list of functions. Richard decided they
> formed an appropriate acronym and those present at the BOF seemed to
> concur. I vaguely recall preferring some variant, because it was
> pronounceable, but can't remember exactly what it was. For some reason,
> right now, I'm thinking of QualDocs.
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