IFX Mail Archive: Questions to be addressed...

IFX Mail Archive: Questions to be addressed...

Questions to be addressed...

Richard Shockey (rshockey@ix.netcom.com)
Tue, 23 Mar 1999 14:14:29 -0600

Before Minneapolis started to put together a list of questions that need to
be asked about IPP in relation to the QUALDOCS work.

I'd like to see if anyone would like to start adding to this list ...since
it might be useful to kick off the Goals work.


A. What elements of [IPP-MOD] or [IPP-PRO] that are currently optional
should become mandatory in a IPP/Document Service Mode Base Profile.

B. The need for cover pages. Should the burden of cover page creation be
solely on the IPP client or should mechanisms be created for IPP clients to
signal IPP servers to create such cover pages?

C. The need for identity exchange between IPP clients and servers. If a
[VCARD] is adopted as a means of identity exchange, would this require
support of TLS during Job Submission for all IPP/DSM transactions?

D. Are mechanisms or protocols available to prevent the "spoofing" of the
identity of a sender?

E. Since support for RFC2301 TIFF file formats will probably be a
requirement, what level of granularity in attributes needs to be exchanged
between IPP client and Server? Are TIFF Profiles sufficient or are
[FAX-SCHEMA] elements required.

F. Facsimile service reports and logs are traditionally kept locally by the
sender and recipient. Should IPP clients be able to query IPP server logs
and what information should be made available?

G. IPP offers a rich and robust set of job attributes for finishing
options. Since FAX is traditionally the distribution of 1 copy to a
recipient, is there a need to restrict the available IPP finishing options
in an IPP/DSM Base Profile?

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