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IFX Mail Archive: (no subject)

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Nick Webb (nwebb@auco.com)
Wed, 24 Mar 1999 15:12:13 -0700

>So where is a Word Doc going to get converted to something a fax can
>The reason TIFF is used on T.37 is that it puts a wrapper around the
>formats...G3, G4,
>or one of the color types supported on color fax. No conversion takes

Right, I think it's unlikely we'd ever want to handle Word documents, if
for no other reason than the formats keep changing with each version of
Word so it's unlikely to be a candidate for embedding in a printer.

But, since we're basing on IPP, I can see a requirement to handle
Postscript, PCL, PDF in addition to straight raster formats.
Nick Webb