IFX Mail Archive: RE: Questions to be addressed...

IFX Mail Archive: RE: Questions to be addressed...

RE: Questions to be addressed...

Richard Shockey (rshockey@ix.netcom.com)
Wed, 24 Mar 1999 21:17:12 -0600

>Are we considering that a new generation of regular cheap fax machines
>could have this Internet QualDocs mode in them?

I should certainly hope so... who wants a niche application protocol?

>>The notion IMHO is that we have needed a Store and Forward as well as a
>>point to point oriented protocol.
>Can you elucidate? This is the first I've heard about a store and forward
>option. IPP doesn't restrict this (an IPP server could be a store and
>forward point on the path to the ultimate receiver) but certainly f*x is
>usually point to point and the simple IPP model is the same.

The Store and Forward mode has been defined...it Email based RFC 2305/2532.
I'm generally guessing that devices will become multi-modal as well as
multi functional. The transport layer for the document will be decided at
point and time of transmission. How do do you want to send this document ..
GSTN, IFAX, IPP/QD mode, UPS Red, UPS Blue, FedEx Snail Mail, Pony Express
....Choice is good. Standards are wonderful, thats why there are so many of
them. :-)

>>like will network administrators punch holes in their fire walls for the
>>IPP traffic and how simply will it be to set up your little $200 boxes >as
>>IPP servers on the network.
>This is a common issue with IPP, but to tell the truth this is about as
>much of an issue as providing an outside line in most large companies. IMHO
>this problem is real, but very overstated.

Ah.. an optimist... there's one born every minute! :-) If the application
is compelling, which I think what we want to accomplish is, the hole in
the firewall for the IPP port will be drilled open.

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