IFX Mail Archive: RE: Word docs

IFX Mail Archive: RE: Word docs

RE: Word docs

Ira McDonald (imcdonal@sdsp.mc.xerox.com)
Thu, 25 Mar 99 12:45:48 EST

Hi Harry and Geoff,

To clarify, in general you don't send raw word processing
datastreams to printers (like MS Word's '.doc') - you send
some interpreter datastream (like PostScript, PCL, etc).
The print driver (or some other software element) on the
CLIENT system converts from the operating system proprietary
graphics device calls which are emitted by the word
processing application into some interpreter language
(like PostScript). While some printers do accept
source word processing formats (like MS Word '.doc')
the results are spotty at best and non-portable.

- Ira McDonald