IFX Mail Archive: RE: Word docs

IFX Mail Archive: RE: Word docs

RE: Word docs

Michael Crawford (mcrawford@iready.com)
Thu, 25 Mar 1999 11:04:28 -0800

IPP yes, QUALDOCs maybe not. I think you are right...IPP should be like
using a printer on a very long LAN (this doesn't suppose 10baseT by the way,
PPP dialup should qualify!).

But the original name was IPP2FAX of something along those
lines, and I wasn't under the impression we had moved all that far from that
direction. There
was some discussion in Minnesota about the name, and I went away thinking
that we were trying to
make better faxing and a smaller implementation of IPP to make that
possible. If this also helps
simplify the remote printing solution, great!

Maybe what we need to do is have Richard restate the overall goal to remind
us what the charter
should be striving to achieve...I will back off on the fax issue if I am out
of scope.


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> You wrote
> >So where is a Word Doc going to get converted to something a fax can
> print?
> Hmmm... I'd assumed that IPP was like using a printer on a very long LAN.
> Apparently not!
> Pity !
> Geoff