IFX Mail Archive: RE: Word docs

IFX Mail Archive: RE: Word docs

RE: Word docs

Thu, 25 Mar 1999 14:29:17 -0700

I probably need to learn more respect for the problem but, right now, it
sounds like far too many words than necessary.

To send (legacy) FAX, I "dial in" and the fax machine has to "answer". This
is anologues to "logging on" (perhaps via dial to my ISP) and printing to a
URL. The printer has to "be there"... of course.

In either case, if there's a wire laying of the floor at the receiver
end... no go.

When I re-read your reply, I get the impression you are describing a IPP
SERVER (printer) that is ISP dial connected. This would be different
(still... not unlike some of these folks who use the same phone number for
voice and fax. Sometime I call their "office" and get "carrier blast",
other times I get their voice mail... hard to know which it will be).

Guess I thought it was the following

>IPP yes, QUALDOCs maybe not. I think you are right...IPP should be >like
using a printer on a very long LAN (this doesn't suppose >10baseT by the
way PPP dialup should qualify!).

>Of course it is assumed that any IPP 1.0/1.1 client could use a >dial up

that got us on this thread and this is obviously referring to a dial in

Harry Lewis
IBM Printing Systems

Michael Crawford <mcrawford@iready.com> on 03/25/99 02:10:59 PM

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> REgarding...
> >*** Hmm. Isn't it difficult to have a "server" application that isn'
> >there to serve (i.e. not dialed up when you request service)?
> We were talking about the CLIENT dialing in (I thought). Not the IPP
> server.
Yes, but in IPP it takes two to tango...the client must find the
up in order to exchange capabilitiees and to send data...there is no
of store and forward, at least not in the present form of the spec.

> It would be equally
> difficult to send FAX to a machine that was unplugged to from the phone
> line... no?
Yes, but a legacy fax is usually plugged in BUT NOT ONLINE...i.e. it
We need to figure out how we answer a request for service by the
target fax machine
or specifically say in the specification how a fax machine MUST be
online in order to
provide services. The implication is that:

1. An ISP must dial out (Don't hold your breath)
2. A IPP enabled fax periodically comes online (dials up) to
receive messages creating
short window for IPP connection to occur
3. An IPP enabled fax MUST be on the LAN (oops, this means
10BaseT connectivity not dialup) which
is in turn reachable by the source machine (WAN or Internet
gateway with hole in firewall).
4. A fax service will act as the destination and then forward to
the true destination when it periodically
comes online by dialing up.

I like LAN connected faxes, but there is that cost issue once again.
Higher end Internet fax solutions
will undoubtedly be on the LAN (look at the first internet fax
offerings today...LAN connected, expensive
and volume which hasn't yet paid for the datasheets let alone the
development of the machine).

> Harry Lewis
> IBM Printing Systems
> harryl@us.ibm.com