IFX Mail Archive: Re: IFX> Welcome

IFX Mail Archive: Re: IFX> Welcome

Re: IFX> Welcome

From: pmoore@peerless.com
Date: Fri Jul 21 2000 - 17:17:51 EDT

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    OK here is Don's announcement of the meeting for those of you who are not on the
    pwg announce lists (I thought everybody was). My mail was sent so that people
    could verify their ifx subscription.


    On Friday, September 15th, in Chicago, there will be a FULL DAY meeting kicking
    off the PWG's effort on QUALDOCS (i.e. Fax-like function over IPP.) This
    meeting will begin at 8:30 AM and run the FULL DAY until 6PM. The hotel (which
    we will announce shortly) will be located very, very near the airport so most
    people should be able to schedule a 7:30 or later flight AFTER the conclusion of
    the meeting.

    Please review the following documents before the meeting:




    Paul Moore from Peerless will be chairing this effort.

    To subscribe to the QUALDOCS mailing list, send the following text body to

    subscribe ifx

    See you there!


    And as for the WHY - Qualdocs is an utterly cool feature that will be the IPP
    killer app - 'nuff said.

    No but seriously folks. QD specifies how a synchronous, negotiated image
    transfer on the Internet or intranet. Highly useful for all sorts of things -
    Internet Fax not being the least of them. Other uses could be:-
    Network copier to network copier
    Network scanner to file store
    Network camera to digital picture frame
    Print from any computer to any printer anywhere.

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