IFX Mail Archive: IFX> Charter and first meeting

IFX Mail Archive: IFX> Charter and first meeting

IFX> Charter and first meeting

From: pmoore@peerless.com
Date: Mon Jul 31 2000 - 12:34:24 EDT


    The Chicago location for the September PWG meeting is now set, look at
    http://pwg.org/chair/chicago.html. This meeting will host the first full session
    dedicated to Qualdocs.

    A draft of the group's charter is now up on the web site at
    ftp://ftp.pwg.org/pub/pwg/QUALDOCS/charter/draft-qualdocs-charter-01.pdf. I
    stress that this is a draft - finalization of the charter will be the first
    item on the agenda for our Chicago meeting.

    As regards the agenda for the first meeting I propose the following - somewhat
    loose schedule. I think the first session needs to be allowed to flow fairly
    freely so that we can establish where the areas of agreement are, where the
    challenges are, etc. There are also some formalities to get out of the way.

    Item 1 - 30 mins, introductions and selection of vice chair and secretary.
    People who would like to be considered for these positions should please contact
    me before the session. The duties of these two positions are given in the PWG
    process document at http://pwg.org/chair/pwg-process-990825.pdf

    Item 2 - 2 hours, review , revision and vote on the WG charter. Without this
    agreement we cannot proceed. PLease review the current draft and send me
    feedback so that your comments can be incorporated. If sufficent comments arrive
    before the meeting I will issue a revised draft beforehand.

    Item 3 - (This is where it gets somewhat fuzzy). Remainder of the day.
    Requirements discussion. I will prepare an outline of the requirements - not the
    actual detail but a list of the areas that need to be discussed (localization,
    end user experience, quality, etc.). I will use this a means to structure this
    part of the session.

    Presentations / open mike. In addition I invite anybody who wants to present
    ideas, solutions, issues, etc. to contact me - I will schedule time for them
    (~15 minutes).

    I look forward to a lively but productive meeting

    Paul Moore

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