IFX Mail Archive: IFX> FW: Fax processing confirmation

IFX Mail Archive: IFX> FW: Fax processing confirmation

IFX> FW: Fax processing confirmation

From: Manros, Carl-Uno B (cmanros@cp10.es.xerox.com)
Date: Fri Feb 16 2001 - 17:16:41 EST

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    Carl-Uno Manros
    Manager, Print Services
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    From: Dan Wing [mailto:dwing@cisco.com]
    Sent: Friday, February 16, 2001 10:26 AM
    To: MAEDA toru
    Cc: ietf-fax@imc.org; Claudio Allocchio; Hiroshi Tamura
    Subject: Re: Fax processing confirmation

    On Fri, 16 Feb 2001 18:57 +0900, MAEDA toru wrote:

    > Wing-san
    > How much confidence of ifax transmission in Simple Mode ?
    > Does no response mean a good confirmation ?
    > I want to add Fax processing confirmation in Full Mode.
    > In Full Mode, the image file is send as TIFF file over SMTP.
    > There will be some possibilities to fail to print or process
    > the TIFF file by some reasons. These reasons may be
    > incorrect TIFF parameter for the receiver
    > or out of capabilities TIFF parameter for the receiver.
    > When you put the 10 pages of document on the scanner
    > and send by ifax Full Mode and you get the confirmation sheet
    > with 9 pages received successfully, you will find something
    > wrong with the scanner or the transmission. You will check
    > the scanner or the system and may ask to the user of the receiver.
    > Comparing to the E-mail system, you can not get information about
    > how many pages the receiver successfully printed but just received.
    > You may find that the attached file is not be able to be processed
    > nor printed by the Email receiver with your inspiration.
    > The user of Full Mode ifax will have confidence of the ifax
    > transmission when the transmitter prints confirmation sheet
    > with the number of pages printed on the receiver and also
    > the number of page in error.
    > Any comments?

    IPP provides this sort of confirmation today. Why not use IPP?


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