IFX Mail Archive: RE: IFX> some UIF issues...thoughts anyone?

IFX Mail Archive: RE: IFX> some UIF issues...thoughts anyone?

RE: IFX> some UIF issues...thoughts anyone?

From: Hastings, Tom N (hastings@cp10.es.xerox.com)
Date: Mon Jun 18 2001 - 16:39:21 EDT

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    John, Ira, and Don,

    Another possibility is to encode the profile letter (s, f, j, c, l, m, ...)

    a) in application parameter itself or
    b) with another parameter.

    I'm not familiar enough with the tiff/fx registration procedures to know
    whether introducing new parameters is allowed, or whether we can only add
    values to the 'application' parameter.

    For approach a, we would have:

    image/tiff; application=uif-s
    image/tiff; application=uif-f
    image/tiff; application=uif-j
    image/tiff; application=uif-c
    image/tiff; application=uif-l
    image/tiff; application=uif-m
    and any additional profiles invented in the future.

    For approach b, we would have:

    image/tiff; application=uif; profile=s
    image/tiff; application=uif; profile=f
    image/tiff; application=uif; profile=j
    image/tiff; application=uif; profile=c
    image/tiff; application=uif; profile=l
    image/tiff; application=uif; profile=m
    and any additional profiles invented in the future.

    By indicating the profile in the MIME Media Type, we more fully describe the
    contents of a document.

    Another advantage with either of these approaches is the existing IPP/1.1
    "document-format-supported" Printer attribute would indicate which profiles
    were supported (as well as the MIME Media Type) and we wouldn't need to add
    the "uif-profiles-supported" (1setOf type2 keyword) Printer Description



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    Subject: RE: IFX> some UIF issues...thoughts anyone?

    Hi Don and John,

    I agree with you both that using the exising Internet Fax
    values for 'application' is a bad idea.

    What about equivalent 'uifbw' and 'uifcolor' (rather than
    just 'uif') - the info from the 'faxbw' and 'faxcolor' is
    of great value to renderers as well as intermediate systems.

    - Ira

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    In regards to #1, I prefer image/tiff; application=uif for the very reasons

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    To: "IPP-Fax Group" <ifx%pwg.org@interlock.lexmark.com>
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    Subject: IFX> some UIF issues...thoughts anyone?

    While revising the UIF spec, some issues have surfaced and it would be great
    if we can generate some discussion on them:

    1) The MIME type for UIF data.
            From the IPPFAX teleconferences held on May 30 & June 6, there was
    consensus to use "image/tiff; application=faxbw" and "image/tiff;
    application=faxcolor". The primary argument for using these was that it is
    the same MIME type used for Internet Fax, and so there would be less of a
    conformance issue with an IPPFAX device serving as a gateway for Internet
    Fax documents.
            However...If we are going to make UIF a protocol-independent data
    format (which was also agreed at the May 30 telecon), I do not think think
    we should directly associate it with Internet Fax. Perhaps "image/tiff;
    application=uif" would be a better compromise in that UIF would be made
    independent of Internet Fax while existing TIFF readers can still do
    something with the UIF data.
            In addition, is it valid to use the same MIME type as Internet Fax
    if the data requirements for UIF and TIFF-FX are not identical? (TIFF-FX is
    more strict with resolutions and allowed image widths)

    2) The use of the terms "Client" to mean the "Sender" and "Host" to mean the
        Is "Client" interchangeable with "Sender" and "Host" with "Receiver"?
    Should we be using the more generic terms "Client" and "Host" instead of
    "Sender" and "Receiver" in the UIF spec since the UIF spec is NOT

    Does anyone have any thoughts on these issues?



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