IFX Mail Archive: IFX> Problems/solution for UIF mime type a

IFX Mail Archive: IFX> Problems/solution for UIF mime type a

IFX> Problems/solution for UIF mime type and IFX attributes: more than one profile in a document

From: Hastings, Tom N (hastings@cp10.es.xerox.com)
Date: Wed Jul 25 2001 - 19:05:39 EDT

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    At our last IPPFAX telecon, we came up with a very simple MIME type scheme
    for identifying the UIF profiles that are in a document, whether that
    document is sitting in a document repository, is being sent as a mail
    attachment or being submitted by IPP or IPPFAX:

    The UIF MIME types were:

      image/tiff; application=uif-s
      image/tiff; application=uif-f
      image/tiff; application=uif-j
      image/tiff; application=uif-c
      image/tiff; application=uif-l
      image/tiff; application=uif-mxyz

    where 'xyz' were the profiles under the MRC (m profile) in alphabetic order.

    The IPPFAX client would supply the "document-format" (mimeMediaType)
    operation attribute with the same value in a Job Submission, which the
    IPPFAX Receiver would compare with the values of the
    "document-format-supported" (1setOf mimeMediaType). Similarly, the client
    would supply the same value for the "document-format" (mimeMediaType)
    operation attribute in a Get-Printer-Attributes in order to get any
    Attribute Coloring by document type.

    We then agreed that there was no need for the
    "ippfax-uif-profiles-supported" (1setOf type2 keyword) Printer attribute,
    since the "document-format-supported" also serves that purpose for UIF

    However, in talking with Lloyd McIntyre, it is possible for a tiff/fx and,
    hence a uif document to have multiple profiles in a single document, each
    profile being on a separate page. Therefore, Ira and I propose to bring
    back the "ippfax-uif-profiles-supported" Printer attribute and:

    1. For UIF MIME Media type, for the 'application' parameter, we only
    register the single 'uif' value:

      image/tiff; application=uif

    2. Register a second multiple-valued 'profiles' parameter that takes values,
    like 'c', 'f', 'm', etc. Each profile that occurs on a page, whether under
    an MRC or not, would have a separate single-letter value, in any order.

      image/tiff; application-uif; profile=c
      image/tiff; application-uif; profile=c,m,f

    3. When an IPPFAX Sender gets such a MIME Media type, it removes the
    'profile' parameter and its value in order to supply the remainder in the
    "document-format" operation attribute. For the above two cases, the IPPFAX
    client would supply the following same value for the "document-format"
    operation attribute:

      image/tiff; application-uif

    4. The IPPFAX Sender would take the profile parameter value and copy it to a
    new "ippfax-uif-profiles" (1setOf type2 keyword) operation attribute:

      "ippfax-uif-profiles" = 'c'
      "ippfax-uif-profiles" = 'c', 'm', 'f'

    5. The IPPFAX Receiver validates the job by simply comparing:

      "document-format" with its "document-format-supported"
      "ippfax-uif-profiles" with its "ippfax-uif-profiles-supported"

    Note: that the latter is comparing a multi-valued attribute with a
    multi-valued attribute. ALL of the values of the first have to be contained
    in the second in order for the IPPFAX Receiver to accept the job.



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