IFX Mail Archive: IFX> TIFF use within IEEE standards / Lack

IFX Mail Archive: IFX> TIFF use within IEEE standards / Lack

IFX> TIFF use within IEEE standards / Lack of license

From: Scott Foshee (sfoshee@adobe.com)
Date: Tue Oct 02 2001 - 23:52:02 EDT

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    Please circulate to IEEE-ISTO and IEEE-SA management, Board of
    Directors and Board of Governors.

    Greetings gentlemen,

    I am the person at Adobe responsible for TIFF. It has come to my
    attention that the IEEE is developing two standards within the IEEE's
    printer working group based on Adobe's TIFF specification without a
    license grant from Adobe. Adobe has provided limited use TIFF
    license grants to third parties in the past and I can assist you in
    seeking to obtain a license grant.

    Since this issue initially came to my attention, I had an opportunity
    to participate in a printer working group telephone conference where
    I informed the working group of Adobe IP issues. A license has yet
    to be granted for any IEEE use of TIFF and Adobe has yet to be
    contacted by the IEEE regarding their desired use of Adobe's TIFF

    Additionally, it is necessary to inform you that the IETF has been
    notified by Adobe that their use of TIFF in the development of the
    TIFF FX standard is outside the scope of the license granted to them
    by Adobe. We have communicated ongoing concerns in this area to the
    IETF editors since the Spring of 1998, elevating our concern to other
    IETF officers in December of 2001 and the IAB in March of 2001. This
    issue is currently being considered by the IETF Internet Fax working
    group and has yet to be resolved.

    Please defer TIFF and/or TIFF FX based standardization pending (i)
    the execution of a license grant from Adobe to the IEEE, and (ii) the
    resolution of the contract issues between Adobe and the IETF
    concerning TIFF FX.

    Adobe understands that the IETF specifically declines to take a
    stance on IP use in its standards and thus defers decisions on the IP
    status of technology in its standards to the members of its working
    groups and those who choose to adopt/implement their technology, and
    whatever internal processes these companies/organizations have for
    evaluating the IP of technology they choose to include in their
    products or support in standards. Thus, mere use of IETF standards
    does not imply compliance with an Adobe TIFF license.

    Finally, IEEE use of Adobe's TIFF standard is distinct from Adobe
    choosing to participate in an IEEE standards technical committee. If
    you wish to pursue the use of TIFF in your standards, please feel
    free to contact me.


    Scott Foshee

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