IFX Mail Archive: IFX> Re: Adobe attendance at the June Face

IFX Mail Archive: IFX> Re: Adobe attendance at the June Face

IFX> Re: Adobe attendance at the June Face to Face

From: Scott Foshee (sfoshee@adobe.com)
Date: Fri May 24 2002 - 22:38:49 EDT

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    Hi Harry (and everyone),

    I am very pleased to be able to tell you that Adobe is planning on
    attending the June meeting. I have succeeded in getting someone from
    our PDF/printing group identified as the point person. It is likely
    that I will be unable to attend due to a conflict.

    I will convey that the key part of the meeting is Thursday/Friday; as
    well as the entire schedule.

    It would help us greatly to prepare for the meeting if you could
    identify any key documents that should be reviewed. I believe that I
    have all the e-mails with logistical information, but a re-cap of
    that would help as well.

    Also, if you could re-cap any existing open questions, I'll try to
    make sure we have answers for you when we show up at the meeting.

    Thank you for your interest in PDF.

    I anticipate good results from the meeting.


    At 11:07 PM -0600 5/15/02, Harry Lewis wrote:
    >Scott, there is a great deal of interest expressed on the PWG reflectors
    >regarding an Adobe rep at the Portland meeting. The actual IPP FAX meeting
    >(where the issue with TIFF-FX has been centered) is Friday and will wrap
    >about 3pm with other topics on the agenda. It so happens that we plan a
    >full day Thursday for the PWG to discuss where we are going and how our
    >various projects can converge and harmonize better. For example, we just
    >started a project on a standard web services Print Service Interface. We
    >have developed standard schema for describing printer capabilities. We
    >have defined XHTML-Print, a very light weight standard PDL leveraging CSS.
    >Discussion of where PDF may fit in would be very appropriate at both the
    >Thursday plenary and the IPP FAX meetings. Any chance you or the Adobe rep
    >could be present for both meetings? If not, Thursday may be the better day
    >and we'll try to make sure all the IPP FAX folks are in attendance. This
    >will grab a wider audience.
    >Thanks for your consideration.
    >Harry Lewis
    >Chairman - ISTO Printer Working Group
    >IBM Printing Systems

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