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IFX Mail Archive: IFX> Analysis of Using IPP Attributes for

IFX> Analysis of Using IPP Attributes for TIFF-FX.

From: Ron.Bergman@Hitachi-hkis.com
Date: Mon Jun 10 2002 - 21:31:54 EDT

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    I have attached three documents created as a part of my

    UIF-Analysis.pdf This is a summary of the TIFF Tags and
    their functions that are currently defined in the UIF
    specification. This document should provide a useful
    reference for any discussion in the meeting.

    TIFF2IPP.pdf This is my proposal for the additional
    attributes and values required to provide the current
    functionality available in TIFF. The actual attribute
    specifications are not included in this document, but
    they can easily be generated based upon the information
    in this document. If this proposal is accepted by the
    group, I would be glad to generate the initial attribute

    DSN-Media-Features.pdf A summary of the DSN/MDN Feature
    Extensions. I looked at several other alternatives to see
    if there were any other alternatives to TIFF that would
    be a reasonable substitute. This document provides the
    closest match. Others that I looked at include MIME types
    and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). In addition to the fact
    that none of these specifications provide a good match,
    any of these would require the support of another protocol
    and encoding very different than IPP.

    Use of IPP attributes in place of TIFF has two major

       1) A fairly large number of IPP attributes and values
          will be required to fully support the TIFF
          functionality. I believe that a prudent analysis of
          the need for the current set of TIFF requirements will
          reduce this number to a more reasonable level.

       2) IPP attributes cannot easily support Mixed Raster
          Content (MRC). The need for MRC support needs to be
          carefully examined.

    I was not able to obtain approval to attend the Portland
    meeting so I hope someone will volunteer to lead the
    discussion on this topic. The IPP method appears to be a
    reasonable approach but I strongly feel that PDF has the
    potential for the cleanest solution. However, if there are
    any concerns or problems with the use of PDF, this would be
    the next best choice.


     <<UIF-Analysis.pdf>> <<TIFF2IPP.pdf>> <<DSN-Media-Features.pdf>>

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