IFX Mail Archive: Re: IFX> PDF Reference Book....

IFX Mail Archive: Re: IFX> PDF Reference Book....

Re: IFX> PDF Reference Book....

From: don@lexmark.com
Date: Fri Aug 23 2002 - 14:01:23 EDT

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    Rick, et al:

    Despite two months elapsing since the last IFX meeting, I still do not have an
    understanding of the position that Adobe either has taken or will take with
    regards to the patents necessary to implement PDF 1.4 and its successors. I am
    extremely reluctant to encourage, endorse or even vote for the IFX group to
    start down a path of using PDF (maybe initially 1.3 but in the future who knows
    which version) without a clear statement from Adobe that they plan to license
    all the PDF 1.4's and its successors' patents on the same royalty-free terms and
    conditions as the patents applicable to 1.3 and its predecessors.

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    For those of you looking for more information about PDF (or just the PDF
    Reference), the reference and other related documents are available at:


    See you in Santa Fe.

    -Rick Seeler
    Adobe Systems

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