IFX Mail Archive: IFX> The first version of the 'PDFax' Stan

IFX Mail Archive: IFX> The first version of the 'PDFax' Stan

IFX> The first version of the 'PDFax' Standard is now available for review.

From: Rick Seeler (rseeler@adobe.com)
Date: Fri Oct 11 2002 - 20:38:59 EDT

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    You can find the document at:

    You should also have a copy of the PDF 1.4 reference (in PDF form) handy
    as the PDFax spec refers to it often. You can get a copy of it at:

    Special thanks to John Pulera, Gail Songer, Tom Hastings, Rob Buckley,
    and Lloyd McIntyre for their valuable advise and comments.

    Please send all comments regarding this document to this mailing list,
    or to me directly, if you wish.

    If necessary, I will create a version 0.2 of this document two weeks
    from today. That will be the version we will discuss at the PWG meeting
    in New Orleans.

    An updated version of the IPPFAX document (5102.1) will be produced
    (hopefully) in time for the PWG conference.

    Rick Seeler
    Adobe Systems

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