IFX Mail Archive: IFX> Additional IFX Comments

IFX Mail Archive: IFX> Additional IFX Comments

IFX> Additional IFX Comments

From: thrasher@lexmark.com
Date: Fri Dec 20 2002 - 10:56:34 EST

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    Comment: 1
    There are many optional "parameters" defined in the [pdf] reference for
    various profiles
    or filters (both required and optional for PDF/is) that we have not either
    made their support
    discoverable by the creator or specified thier support requirements.

    Example: The Gamma, BlackPoint and Matrix(for CalRGB) entries in the
    colorspace dictionary(s)
    are optional in CalGray/CalRGB.

    Comment/Question 2.

    Section of PDF/is describes "Memory"....
    In MBytes ???
    Can we assume this is at least no more than what the renderer returns in
    the pdfis-cache-size-k-octets-supported ?
    Rounded down??

    The section mentions this being in addition to the 2Mbyte base memory but I
    don't see
    any other mention of base memory. (Should we assume this is a renderer
    requirement???) What's is
    this assumed to be used for???

    Comment/Question 3.

    Section of PDF/is describes "Banding"

    The section mentions that a document being created for an unknown renderer
    should not use banding.

    Considering that for interoperability purposes, a creator would probably
    create a "least common denominator"
    file that avoided optional parts of PDF/is if possible and used the lowest
    resolution etc.....
    Is recommending/requiring that the creator assume a 2Mbyte cache in the
    renderer and banding if necessary such a huge problem???

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