IFX Mail Archive: IFX> FW: CONNEG new version

IFX Mail Archive: IFX> FW: CONNEG new version

IFX> FW: CONNEG new version

From: McDonald, Ira (imcdonald@sharplabs.com)
Date: Thu Feb 06 2003 - 18:54:12 EST

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    Hi folks,


    - Ira McDonald
      High North Inc

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    From: Dave Crocker [mailto:dhc@dcrocker.net]
    Sent: Thursday, February 06, 2003 4:35 PM
    To: ietf-fax@imc.org


    Please take a look at the new CONNEG revision:

    > Title : SMTP Service Extension for Fax Content
    > Author(s) : K. Toyoda, D. Crocker
    > Filename : draft-ietf-fax-esmtp-conneg-04.txt
    > Pages : 0
    > Date : 2003-2-5
    > A message originator sometimes wishes to send content that is in a
    > form the recipient cannot process. In order for the recipient to
    > process the content, the content must be converted to a related form,
    > with the same or with restricted information, such as changing from
    > color to black and white. In a store-and-forward environment, it can
    > be convenient to have this conversion performed by an intermediary.
    > A URL for this Internet-Draft is:
    > http://www.ietf.org/internet-drafts/draft-ietf-fax-esmtp-conneg-04.txt

    The changes are extensive, to add mechanisms for authorization and

    Note that it would not be difficult to expand the specification to cover
    content other than fax. However the current draft is limited to fax.
    The primary reason is because there is experience merging sender and
    recipient fax capabilities. There is far less experience with other
    types of capabilities. If we get the service extension working for fax,
    it will be possible to come back, later, and add other capability

    However there is an important question about the complexity of
    implementing this specification. Anyone who thinks they might build
    this should give the group some comments about the feasibility of this


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     Brandenburg InternetWorking <http://www.brandenburg.com>
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