IFX Mail Archive: IFX> Conference call summary

IFX Mail Archive: IFX> Conference call summary

IFX> Conference call summary

From: Gail Songer (gsonger@peerless.com)
Date: Wed Apr 02 2003 - 19:22:28 EST

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    Next conference: Wednesday April 16 at 1PM Pacific Time.


    Dennis Carney

    Rick Seeler

    Bill Wagner

    Ira McDonald

    Gail Songer

    Dave Hall

    Lloyd McIntire

    Pete Zehler

    Jerry Thrasher

    Harry Lewis

    Tom Hastings

    Bob Taylor



    IP Review:

    Review of Adobe's new PDF/is License agreement. Change from "IPPFax" to
    "PDF/is", clarified "PWG" means and applies to candidate standard as
    well as full standard.


    Need HP permission to publish ICC grayscale profile. (Gray gama 2.2 =
    sRBG with only one channel). Full PDF requires these to be imbedded,
    however, a PDF/is only renderer could ignore the profiles because they
    are the only ones allowed and therefore already known.


    Other issues:

    PDF/a - Trying to align with the requirements for PDF/a and make changes
    when able. (Federal archiving standard) Major differences: interpolate
    images(we require, they prohibit), no digital signatures.


    Transparent text: already added. Text is not rendered but can used be
    used for searching or for cut&paste. Optional for both consumer and
    producer. Consumer can ignore them.


    What should a consumer do if a MUST in PDF/is is not followed. Warn the
    consumering user, attempt to find the next page and continue. In IPPFax
    ippget notifications, can we send an indication that the page didn't
    render properly?


    PDF/is Walkthrough


    DCT=JPEG - wherever there is a reference to DCT add (JPEG) so that Ira
    can remember what DCT means.


    Changes for PDF/a

    Page tree must be balanced: no one node can have more than 12 children.

    Crop box is the same as media box. (Add a note to this effect)

    Content operators - Explain what they mean (DP and CM)




    Standard incryption is prohibited in IPPFax. (optional in PDF/is --
    Should PDF/is also prohibit?).


    Receiver MUST only support application/PDF in document-format-supported
    and document-format.


    IPPFax will reference document-format-version-supported and
    document-format-version from the document-object specification and will
    allow any PDF type versions and REQUIRE PDF/is v1.0.


    Remove all references (including columns) to "coloring".


    Digital-signature-supported and digital-signature will be moved the
    document-object specification and IPPFax will reference that spec.


    All administrative operations, including the set-ops and
    enable-printer/disable-printer will be allowed but only if TLS has
    authenticated the user and the user has rights to perform them.






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