IFX Mail Archive: IFX> Call Summary

IFX Mail Archive: IFX> Call Summary

IFX> Call Summary

From: Gail Songer (gsonger@peerless.com)
Date: Wed Apr 16 2003 - 18:50:13 EDT

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    Next Call April 23 at 1PM. No call April 30.


    Conference Call Summary


    Dennis Carney

    Tom Hastings

    Ira McDonald

    Rick Seeler

    Gail Songer


    Previous items

    HP Gray ICC profile - Email from Mary Nielsen at HP. HP Lawyer said
    that the release would require HP CEO authorization. Rather than that,
    Mary provided the data that can be used to create a profile. Rick is
    going to see if he can take the data and generate a curve for the
    profile. If he can he will put it on the PWG site with PWG ownership.

    Notification for improperly rendered page - nothing on the page level
    notifications. TomH will look into it.

                IPPFax will prohibit standard encryption, should PDF/is also
    prohibit? - no update.



    IPP Spec review


    * Remove Table 2. Conformance for the rest of the attributes
    should be obtained from the appropriate document.
    * pdl-override-supported. Must be able to attempt to override at
    least the media. This attribute can have one of the following two
    possible values attempted or not-attempted. This attribute MUST have
    the value of attempted. (printer-resolution and media MUST be
    attempted) (Add to table 1. New section to 6)
    * Put a media-supported in Table 6
    * New Media name that represents both A4 and Letter. Perhaps
    pwg_letter-or-A4. Talk to Ron Bergman. (without the new media size,
    then media-supported may have to lie and say that it supports something
    it doesn't support). (There is a HowTo register a new name. TomH will
    start the process.)
    * In document-object spec, should we have a new attributes to
    indicate which attributes will be overridden? If so, we should pick
    this up. TomH will investigate.
    * Printer-resolution-supported MUST be supported by an IPPFax
    receiver and printer-resolution MUST NOT be specified by the sender.
    (Update table 6.)


    Ended page 34

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