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IFX Mail Archive: IFX> Job Extensions specification telecon,

IFX> Job Extensions specification telecon, Wed, May 28, 1-3PM Pacific

From: Hastings, Tom N (hastings@cp10.es.xerox.com)
Date: Fri May 23 2003 - 22:41:43 EDT

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    We agreed at the Semantic Model telecon review of the IPP Document Object
    spec this week to review the Job Extensions spec [jobx] at the next IPPFAX
    telecon, Wed, May 28, 1-3PM Pacific (call-in and webex details to be
    published next week).


    The Job Extensions spec is a grab bag of IPP Job Features that other PWG
    standards need, but that don't need the Document Object. These Features had
    been in the Document Object spec.

    As announced Monday, May 19, the Job Extension spec is posted at:





    The -rev.pdf shows the revisons from the May 18 version (I removed the
    -target attributes and 7 ISSUES). I also made it with PDF Maker which
    doesn't have hot links for cross references, so its 170KB instead of 923KB,
    so I didn't zip it and its very fast to make.


    Here is the Abstract:

    Abstract: This IPP specification extends the Job semantics of the IPP Model
    and Semantics [rfc2911] object model. This specification defines the
    Close-Job operation and some new Operation attributes for use in Job
    Creation and Document Creation operations. The Printer copies the Job
    attributes to the corresponding Job Description attributes which the clients
    may query. The Document Creation Operation attributes describe the Document
    Content and permit the Printer to reject requests that it cannot process
    correctly. Corresponding "xxx-default" and "xxx-supported" Printer
    attributes are defined. This specification also defines some additional
    values for the "job-state-reasons" Job Description attribute. Each of the
    operations and attributes defined in this specification are independent of
    each other and OPTIONAL for a Printer to support.<?xml:namespace prefix = o
    ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


    There are two ISSUES in the spec (see the end of this email).

    We've also agreed to add the following to the [jobx] spec at the IPPFAX
    review, last Wednesday, May 21:

    To be added 'pwg-letter-or-a4' "media" value for IPPFAX and others.

    Added 'job-errors-detected' and 'job-warnings-detected' to

    As sent out on Wednesday, May 21, here are the proposed specs:

    The following additions are needed by IPPFAX and so should be added to the
    Job Extensions spec, because they are of general use:


    1. 'pwg-letter-or-a4' and 'pwg-letter-or-a4-white' "media" values for IPPFAX
    and others. It is a media that stands for either iso-a4 and/or na-letter.
    For IPPFAX (and other applications) where it doesn't matter whether the
    media to be used is ISO A4 or NA Letter. Then the validation algorithm
    doesn't need to be changed, since a Printer is allowed to support the
    'pwg-letter-or-a4-white' value.


    ISSUE: What about "media-ready"? Is 'pwg-letter-or-a4' allowed, or MUST the
    Printer include the actual media. If the latter, then the scheduling
    algorithm has to be enhances for its comparison with "printer-ready".



    2. Add 'job-errors-detected' and 'job-warnings-detected' to


    The text is:


    'errors-detected' : If the Printer supports these values, the Printer MUST
    add the value to "job-state-reasons" when it generates the first error
    message. That is, a single occurrence of this value is present in the
    "job-state-reasons" if the Printer has generated one or more errors. An
    error indicates loss of information, such as a page not imaged. A warning
    indicates no loss of information (see 'warnings-detected state reason).


    'warnings-detected' : If the Printer supports these values, the Printer MUST
    add the value to "job-state-reasons" when it generates the first warning
    message. That is, a single occurrence of this value is present in the
    "job-state-reasons" if the Printer has generated one or more warnings. A
    warning indicates something did not go as expected, but there was no loss of
    information. For example, a font substitution. An error indicates loss of
    information (see 'errors-detected' state reason).


    The following summaries of the changes in chronological order from the
    original Document Object spec:

    Version 0.1, 18 May 2003:

            1. Split document out of Document Object specification.

            2. Moved "document-format-target" and
    "document-format-version-target" from the Job Template section to the
    Operation Attributes section so that it can be supplied with Document
    Creation operations and so that it MUST be honored, even if
    "job-attribute-fidelity" is 'false' or omitted.

            3. Removed all Document Description attributes and the concept of
    Job Level and Document Level. That terminology is introduced in the Document
    Object spec [ippdoc]. Now [ippdoc] is only an Informative Reference, not a
    Normative Reference.

    Version 0.2, 19 May 2003:

            1. Did not include the document-format-target and
    document-format-version-target attributes. PSI has their own definitions and
    we can avoid the discussion as to whether they should be Document Template
    attributes or Operation attributes on Document Creation operations and
    whether there should be a "document-format-target-default" and a


    ISSUE 01: Or should the "document-format-version-default" be a 1setOf since
    the version string is self-identifying with the PDL? Then the different
    defaults could be indicated for each document format?

    ISSUE 02: Bob's issue about truth in advertising. Don't penalize truth. Does
    allowing these Operation attribute keyword names in the
    "user-defined-attributes-supported" Printer attribute allow the Printer to
    accept any values without returning the attribute in the Unsupported
    Attributes group?






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    Because IPPFax requires some of the attributes of the JobX specification,
    the next IPPFax conference call, May 28 from 1-3PM Pacific, will be
    dedicated to the topic.


    We'll send out the details next week.





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