IFX Mail Archive: RE: IFX> Media-Ready [and is IPPFAX a Devi

IFX Mail Archive: RE: IFX> Media-Ready [and is IPPFAX a Devi

RE: IFX> Media-Ready [and is IPPFAX a Device Protocol or an Elect ronic Document Exchange Protocol?]

From: Hastings, Tom N (hastings@cp10.es.xerox.com)
Date: Fri May 30 2003 - 18:05:43 EDT

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    I suspect that the reason that the IPPFAX spec says that the Receiver MUST
    support "media-ready" was because the spec says that the IPPFAX Sender
    SHOULD query the "media-ready" Printer attribute.
    I also think that the mind set of IPPFAX had been a single Device, so that
    the fan-out to multiple devices wasn't even a consideration in being
    difficult to reflect the "media-ready" value(s) correctly. For example, the
    statement in the Introduction:
    "The target market for an IPPFAX receiver is a midrange imaging device that
    can support the minimum memory requirements that are required by the data
    format PDF/is, but the image format is structured in such a way that the
    Receiver is not required to include a disk or other permanent storage."
    On the other hand, the definition of Receiver is:
    "Receiver The Printer object that accepts IPPFAX protocol operations and
    receives the Document sent by the Sender. A Receiver offers the IPPFAX
    Print Service (by definition)."

    So the real question is:
    OK that the IPPFAX Sender not bother with querying "media-ready", but should
    send the IPPFAX PDF/is document whether the media is ready or not?
    If the Sender doesn't query "media-ready", then the IPPFAX protocol is an
    Electronic Document Transfer Protocol, i.e., get the bits from the Sender to
    the Receiver, rather than get the Quality Document Successfully Printed onto
    Paper Service. The mind set of the WG does shift from one paradigm to the
    other from time to time (and from place to place within the IPPFAX Protocol
    spec itself).
    As another example of this vacilation between defining a Device Protocol
    versus an Electronic Document Exchange Service, is the idea that the IPPGET
    notification is going to indicate whether the paper got printed OK. To me
    that means we are talking about getting the document successfully
    transferred to paper. Therefore, with that mind set, having the Sender
    query the "media-ready" makes a lot of sense if the Sending User cares about
    knowing for certain that the document was correctly imaged onto paper.
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    At Wednesday's telecom, we discovered that Media-Ready was Required in one
    spot and optional in another. Ira was of the opinion that it should be


    Does anyone else have opinion (or remember why it was "Required"?)




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