IFX Mail Archive: Re: IFX> latestSample.pdf

IFX Mail Archive: Re: IFX> latestSample.pdf

Re: IFX> latestSample.pdf

From: James H. Cloos Jr. (cloos@jhcloos.com)
Date: Thu Aug 21 2003 - 21:29:19 EDT

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    >>>>> "Rick" == Rick Seeler <rseeler@adobe.com> writes:

    Rick> 2) I uploaded the wrong file -- my bad. Try the new
    Rick> "sample2.pdf" to see if you get better results. (I removed
    Rick> the others to avoid any confusion in the future.)

    That decodes w/o error in most of the software I just tested,
    but each displayed it differently. It looks like acroread
    gave the intended output based on the draft spec, but the
    other code did not.


    acroread displays a square grey gradient w/ a colour
    text-clipped gradient above.

    For some output devices -- such as x11 -- ghostscript 8.00 and 8.11
    only display the square grey gradient, the text does not display,
    for other devices the text is there, but broken. (I can put up
    a png if that is desired.) It is also *slow*. Versions of gs
    up to 8.00 complain that the file has a corrupted %%EOF marker,
    or garbage after %%EOF.

    Xpdf, interestingly, shows a square colour gradient. Ie, the mask
    is ignored.

    I presume that if pdf/is becomes used for online faxing and scanned
    document storage that users will use whatever pdf software they are
    familiar with the view and print, and as such it is useful to track
    how various pdf-consumers handle the pdf/is files.


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