IPP Mail Archive: IPP> host-to-device ...

IPP Mail Archive: IPP> host-to-device ...

IPP> host-to-device ...

Philip Thambidurai (pthambi@ibm.net)
Thu, 12 Feb 1998 16:38:13 -0500

I don't think that people are ranting about IPP not being able to
intranets. In my opinion, if you assume that the IPP Requirements doc
is an oracle, then the current Model and Protocol specs are just fine.
Even the reluctance of Microsoft to endorse it wholeheartedly appears
to be due to the XML and http method issues --- which are really quite
trivial relative to the issues being raised here (although the
might cause the IESG to reject the current submission).

To put it very simply, will IPP (in future) allow a corporation to not
require support for proprietary/defacto printing solutions such as those

from companies like HP, Novell, etc.?
Will it be sufficient if my local network-printer supports ONLY IPP?
Will IPP provide the same functionality provided by proprietary
Will IPP address the issue of print servers and queues (as defined by
Why do network printers have to support an ever increasing number of
protocols? And often pay a licensing fee for the protocols?

The ranting really has nothing to do with Inter or Intra nets.

Turner, Randy wrote:

> There has been a lot of ranting about IPP not being able to address
> intranets but I have not seen any "meat" to these complaints. I would
> like to see valid technical reasons why IPP cannot be used in
> as well as internets. I am talking about IPP as specified in the IPP
> model document and not a specific mapping such as the IPP over HTTP
> document. I think my earlier comment about a host-to-device protocol
> being just another mapping of the IPP model to a different transport
> still stands.
> Randy