IPP Mail Archive: Re: IPP> Notification Requirements (enclosures, non-text mail)

IPP Mail Archive: Re: IPP> Notification Requirements (enclosures, non-text mail)

Re: IPP> Notification Requirements (enclosures, non-text mail)

Tue, 17 Feb 1998 10:05:03 PST

Ira, Don,

I belong to the mailer-impaired group, too. And I'd really
appreciate keeping messages in flat text format (which I thought was
the IETF idea). Sure, I can accomodate having the major documents
in PDF format (either as attachments, or as pointers) -- they don't
change that often, and I can appreciate the benefits. But the
opaque enclosures really mess up the discussion threads (not only
reading, but citing text in responses, searching, etc.).

By the way, I heard the same complaint last week from a trade press
editor who had tried to review the IPP mail for information on the
working group activities. He found it very frustrating.

Thanks, Ira, for bringing up this topic.

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From: don@lexmark.com
To: imcdonal@eso.mc.xerox.com
CC: Ipp@pwg.org, Rdebry@Us.Ibm.Com
Date: Tue, 17 Feb 1998 12:24:11 -0500
Subject: Re: IPP> Notification Requirements

Sorry Ira, I disagree. I think attaching the file AND including a pointer to
its location on the ftp server is the best approach. That way if you can
look at it from your e-mail directly you can, otherwise you can retrieve
it from the server. Almost all the e-mail software I am familiar with allows
you to specify whether an attachment is downloaded or not when you get
the mail.


To: ipp%pwg.org@interlock.lexmark.com,
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bcc: Don Wright
Subject: Re: IPP> Notification Requirements

Could you folks PLEASE stop sending PDF and Word files as enclosures
(which should not be happening on an IETF-chartered working group
list) and start regularly posting them to the PWG server and mailing
a pointer?
I've missed the context of a fair amount of discussion lately. Also,
when PDF is the most 'neutral' format posted (and not flat text),
some of us have great difficulties keeping up.
Roger, I haven't even looked at my scratch file copy of your note
yet, so maybe you sent a pointer.
Please lighten up on the huge opaque enclosures. Some of us only
get mail through a dial-up interface.
- Ira McDonald
High North
(consultant at Xerox)