IPP Mail Archive: IPP> Re: P1394> Early ping for april meeting

IPP Mail Archive: IPP> Re: P1394> Early ping for april meeting

IPP> Re: P1394> Early ping for april meeting

Larry Stein (lstein@fapo.com)
Thu, 19 Feb 1998 14:58:12 -0800


Thanks for setting this up. I vote for meeting at Sharp.

Will be there for 1394PWG.


At 2/19/98 02:48 PM , Turner, Randy wrote:
>The April meeting of the PWG will be in Portland, OR and is scheduled
>for April 6-10. The meeting location is tentatively planned for the new
>Embassy Suites Hotel in downtown. The conference rate will be $135.00
>per night with a daily meeting room fee of about $35.00. I'm assuming
>the daily meeting breakdown would be
>Mon,Tues: PWG1394 WG Weds/Thurs: PWG/IPP WG Fri: Host MIB, UPD,
>Other business
>As an alternative meeting location, Sharp could host the meeting at our
>site, which is about a 25-minute drive from downtown Portland. If Sharp
>hosts the meeting, then there would be no meeting room fee, and we could
>provide lunch on whatever days the group wanted. Including our normal
>break snacks. You would of course be on your own for lodging. You could
>either stay in downtown Portland and drive each day, or we have 3 or 4
>hotels within 10 - 15 minute drive of the Sharp campus. One of the
>hotels is new (The Heathman Lodge) and is really a nice place. Its about
>10 or so minutes away.
>What I am interested in knowing is who would be attending the meeting in
>Portland, in general, and secondly, at which location you would prefer
>to meet (Embassy Suites/downtown or Sharp). It doesn't really make much
>difference to me either way, although it might be somewhat less
>expensive for folks flying in to meet at Sharp. Also I would like to
>know which meetings you would be attending and if you want to meet in
>town, I would need to know if you would be staying at the hotel.
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