IPP Mail Archive: IPP> UPD meeting

IPP Mail Archive: IPP> UPD meeting

IPP> UPD meeting

Keith Carter (carterk@us.ibm.com)
Fri, 20 Feb 1998 09:24:55 -0500

>I have one of our printer driver guys that wants to come JUST for the
>discussion on UPD. But I really need to able to tell him a firm agenda
>for this meeting in Austin. Is there a final decision on when the UPD
>meeting will be held?

Ok, here's a stake in the lake. The UPD meeting will be 7:00PM-10:00PM CST on
Tuesday, March 3. The meeting is in the Texas 5 meeting room. For directions
to the room,
look at the meeting board in the lobby or ask the hotel desk. I am recruiting
a chair for the
meeting who can then drive the agenda. I understand Paul Moore of Microsoft
will discuss
their Universal Print Driver at this meeting.

Is there a UPD mailing list?

Have a super day,

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