IPP Mail Archive: IPP> ADM - PWG IPP Meeting in Austin - Agenda

IPP Mail Archive: IPP> ADM - PWG IPP Meeting in Austin - Agenda

IPP> ADM - PWG IPP Meeting in Austin - Agenda

Carl-Uno Manros (cmanros@cp10.es.xerox.com)
Wed, 25 Feb 1998 15:12:42 PST

The next IPP meeting is soon upon us and as usual we have been polishing on
the Agenda for the meeting, last time in today's phone conference.

Here is the result:

PWG IPP Meeting in Austin - Agenda

Wednesday, March 3rd - Starting at 1 pm

Discuss overall printing scenarios and role of host-to-device protocol

- Scenario and architecture figures for discussion, Roger deBry and Tom
- TIPSI presentation, Don Wright.
- CPAP presentation, Jay Martin.

General discussion about the need for a separate host-to-device protocol
and whether any of the existing solutions are sufficient, or could be used
after proper extensions.

Thursday, March 4th - Starting at 8:30 am

IPP Notifications

- Discuss content of Requirements document produced by Roger deBry.
- Presentation of FAX solution using DSNs and MDNs, Randy Turner.
- Presentation of SNMPv3 approach, Randy Turner.

Discuss pros and cons of current approaches vs. a new protocol.

Directory Mappings for IPP attributes

- How an LDAP mapping could be made, Scott Isaacson.
- How an SLP mapping could be made, Scott Isaacson.

Discuss approach on how to get proper mappings of IPP attributes into LDAP
and SLP.

Thursday, March 4 - Starting at 1 pm

Discuss any further IPP extensions that we want to start working on.

Review status of the inter-operability testing activities.

- Present and discuss proposed plan, Peter Zehler

Last minute preparations for the IETF IPP meeting in Los Angeles.

NOTE 1: For those not in the phone cnference. We have got word back from
Keith Moore that the IESG will not have made a decision about the IPP
drafts ij time for our Austin meeting.

NOTE 2: Do not forget about the separate meeting on Universal Print Driver
on Tuesday evening!

Looking forward to see you in Austin,


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