IPP Mail Archive: IPP> Early morning thougthts on features

IPP Mail Archive: IPP> Early morning thougthts on features

IPP> Early morning thougthts on features

Carl-Uno Manros (carl@manros.com)
Fri, 13 Mar 1998 08:22:22 -0800


I ran across a little real life example on how you can turn a defect into a

I have my shirts washed by a cleaners which is located in my favorite super
market. Now and again I get a shirt back with a little label stating: "We
have replaced a button FREE of charge as part of our sevice". I thought this
was an excellent little feature until I discovered one day that about one
third of all finished shirts in the shop seemed to have such a label. It
then dawned on me that apparently their washing machines are eating buttons
for beakfeast, lunch and dinner. So instead of getting a lot of complaints
about missing buttons, they have just hired a couple of folks that replace
the buttons and at the same time turned this into a service - your shirt
might actually miss a button when you hand it in.

We could take the same attitude to some of our "missing" IPP features, say

Notifications? We have got notifications! You can get notifications any time
you want! You do not have to wait around for them to come, you just poll
your IPP Printer whenever you want to find out something! This means that
you get the notifications at your own convenience, they do not come rushing
at your machine uncontrolled, potentially interrupting other important
things you are doing etc.

It is early in the morning....