IPP Mail Archive: IPP> IPP over TIPSI Mapping Proposal

IPP Mail Archive: IPP> IPP over TIPSI Mapping Proposal

IPP> IPP over TIPSI Mapping Proposal

Wed, 18 Mar 1998 17:49:42 -0500

I have posted a PWG-DRAFT to the ftp server in PDF and PostScript forma=
The URLs are:



This is NOT an IETF draft and therefore I have chosen NOT to limit
my content and writing style to that which can be conveyed in 72 column=

lines with monospaced Courier font. The .PS file is formated for an
Apple LaserWriter and should therefore print on almost any PostScript
printer. If you can't read .PDF or print .PS then I am sorry, but I do=
time to make everything "TEXT-ONLY PRETTY."

Here's the introduction which explains what the document is and
what I'm attempting to communication:


The Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) is an application level protocol t=
can provide distributed printing using Internet tools and technologies.=

IPP version 1.0 (IPP/1.0) focuses only on end user functionality.
Anyone reading this document for the first time is strongly encouraged
to read the IPP document set.

The IPP V1.0 model describes a print environment with only an IPP
Client and an IPP Printer. It is important, however, to understand tha=
in many real system implementations (which lie underneath the abstracte=
model), there are other components of a print service which are not
explicitly defined in the IPP/1.0 model. The following figure illustrat=
where IPP/1.0 fits with respect to these other components. Note that
in the figure, the communications means between the IPP Printer?s
Print Service and the actual output device is undefined. In some
implementations, it is expected that the IPP Server, the Print Service,=

and the output device will be contained in one physical entity in
which case the communications means among them is unimportant.
In what is expected to be a common implementation, the IPP Server
and the IPP Print Service are implemented on a general purpose
computing platform and the output device is a separate device which
marks on the media. In this case, there are many advantages to a
standard communications means or protocol to be defined.
IEEE Standard 1284.1-1997 defines a robust, general purpose
protocol for communications between a "system" and a "printer."
This document will describe the application of IEEE Std. 1284.1-1997
to the IPP environment.


Comments welcome!

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