IPP Mail Archive: IPP> ADM - Sessions of interest to IPP in LA

IPP Mail Archive: IPP> ADM - Sessions of interest to IPP in LA

IPP> ADM - Sessions of interest to IPP in LA

Carl-Uno Manros (cmanros@cp10.es.xerox.com)
Tue, 24 Mar 1998 13:48:47 PST

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Hi all,

On request, I have put together a "condenced" version of the overall
IETF41 Agenda only keeping the sessions that I believe to be of interest
to IPPers.

This is obviously just my own personal stab at identifying things based on
our earlier or ongoing discussion subjects from the IPP DL. You should
consult the full official IETF41 Agenda for other subjects, as well as for
any last minute updates.

Attached in HTML format.


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DRAFT Agenda of the Forty-first IETF

Agenda of the Forty-first IETF
March 30 - April 3, 1998
MONDAY, March 30, 1998
0900-0930 Opening Plenary - San Francisco/Sacramento Room

0930-1130 Morning Sessions

1300-1500 Afternoon Sessions I
San Diego              APP    httpext     HTTP Extensibility BOF
1530-1730 Afternoon Sessions II
Santa Barbara A      SEC    tls            Transport Layer Security WG
1930-2200 Evening Sessions
Santa Anita C         OPS   disman    Distributed Management WG
TUESDAY, March 31, 1998
0900-1000 Morning Sessions I
Emeral Bay             OPS   snmpv3   SNMP Version 3 WG
1015-1115 Morning Sessions II
Santa Barbara A     INT    svrloc       Service Location Protocol WG
Emerald Bay           OPS   snmpv3    SNMP Version 3 WG

1300-1400 Afternoon Sessions I
Santa Anita AB       INT    ip1394       IP Over IEEE 1394 WG

1415-1515 Afternoon Sessions II
Santa Anita AB       INT    ip1394      IP Over IEEE 1394 WG
1545-1645 Afternoon Sessions III
Santa Barabara A    APP   acap        Application Configuration Access Protocol WG
1700-1800 Afternoon Sessions IV
Santa Anita C          APP    mhtml     MIME Encapsulation of Aggregate HTML Doc. WG
WEDNESDAY, April 1, 1998
0900-1130 Morning Sessions
Emerald Bay           APP   fax            Internet Fax WG
Avalon                    APP   ldapext     LDAP Extensions WG
1300-1500 Afternoon Sessions I
Santa Anita C         APP   ipp            Internet Printing Protocol WG
1530-1730 Afternoon Sessions II
1930-2200 Evening Sessions
San Diego              APP   dasl           DAV Searching and Locating BOF
THURSDAY, April 2, 1998
0900-1130 Morning Sessions
Emeral Bay            APP    fax          Internet Fax WG

1300-1500 Afternoon Sessions I
Santa Anita AB      APP     webdav    WWW Distributed Authoring and Versioning WG

1530-1730 Afternoon Sessions II
Santa Anita AB       APP    conneg     Content Negotiation WG
FRIDAY, April 3, 1998
1000-1130 IAB Open Plenary - San Francisco/Sacramento Room

          o    General Comments - Fred Baker
          o    Nominations Committee Report - Michael St. Johns
          o    IAB Open Plenary Session
          o    IESG Open Plenary Session
Key to Abbreviations

APP   Applications                          Harald Alvestrand/Maxware and
                                                       Keith Moore/UTK
GEN   General Interest                    Fred Baker/Cisco Systems
INT    Internet                                 Jeffrey Burgan @Home Network and
                                                       Thomas Narten/IBM Corporation
OPS    Operations & Management   John Curran/BBN Corporation and
                                                       Michael O'Dell/UUNET Technologies
RTG     Routing                                Joel Halpern/Newbridge Networks
SEC     Security                                Jeff Schiller/MIT
TSV     Transport                             Scott Bradner/Harvard University and
                                                        Allyn Romanow/MCI Corporation
USV     User Services                      Joyce K. Reynolds/ISI

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Carl-Uno Manros
Principal Engineer - Advanced Printing Standards - Xerox Corporation
701 S. Aviation Blvd., El Segundo, CA, M/S: ESAE-231
Phone +1-310-333 8273, Fax +1-310-333 5514
Email: manros@cp10.es.xerox.com