IPP Mail Archive: IPP> printer-uri and job-uri

IPP Mail Archive: IPP> printer-uri and job-uri

IPP> printer-uri and job-uri

Puru Bish (purub@hotmail.com)
Tue, 31 Mar 1998 15:26:07 PST


There are two issues related to printer-uri and job-uri that need
some clarifications.

In the IPP Model document, there is no specification for the
value-tags of "printer-uri" and "job-uri" attributes in a IPP

According to the IPP Model document, section 3.1.3, the
"printer-uri" attribute contains the Printer object's URIs
which is one of the values in the Printer object's "printer-
uri-supported" attribute. This implies that the value-tag
of "printer-uri" attribute must be of type "uri". Similarly,
the value-tag of "job-uri" attribute should be "uri" as well.

Issue 2:
In the "Note:" section of in the IPP Model document,
it was mentioned that "The simplest Print-Job Request
consists of just the Document Content, the "attributes-
charset" and "attributes-natural-language" operation
attributes, and nothing else." However, in the description
of Print-Job Request of section, the "printer-uri"
attribute is specified as a MUST (indicated by (M)) and also
in section 3.1.3 of the same document, it was indicated that
either "printer-uri" or "job-uri" MUST appear in every
operation request. There seems to be some inconsistency here.

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