IPP Mail Archive: RE: IPP> ? on IPP direction concerning XML

IPP Mail Archive: RE: IPP> ? on IPP direction concerning XML

RE: IPP> ? on IPP direction concerning XML

Mon, 27 Apr 1998 23:32:31 -0400

Frank Mason said:


Quotes from March issue of THE HARD COPY OBSERVER:
"At the January meeting of the IPP in Maui, Hawaii, Microsoft (with
Hewlett-Packard's support) said it would OPPOSE the current draft
standard if the group did not stop the process to consider the

>FDW> True, I was there. The definition of "OPPOSE" is yet to be
>FDW> determined but my memory was they said they would oppose it
>FDW> WITHIN the IETF process. Subsequently, they have stated they
>FDW> will comply with whatever comes out of the process.
"Any printing standard that does not have the combined blessing of
these two industry giants would be doomed from the start" IPP Member
Jay Martin from Underscore

>FDW> Jay's opinion and I agree
"XML-based Internet Printing Solution could compromise the ability of
developers to create lightweight implementations of IPP" IPP subgroup
member David Kellerman from Northlake SW

>FDW> David's opinion and I agree
"Although members are skeptical about the XML proposal, most feel a
reluctance and futility about opposing Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard"

>FDW> True, witness the "wide-spread" adoption of IEEE Std 1284.1


Oh, well. We might not like it but reality can be ugly at time.

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