IPP Mail Archive: IPP> MOD> 'naturalLanguage'

IPP Mail Archive: IPP> MOD> 'naturalLanguage'

IPP> MOD> 'naturalLanguage'

Carl Kugler (kugler@us.ibm.com)
Tue, 19 May 1998 16:10:01 -0400

MOD says:
The 'naturalLanguage' attribute syntax is a standard identifier for a n=
language and optionally a country. The values for this syntax type are=
from RFC 1766 [RFC1766]... Examples include:
'en': for English
'en-us': for US English
'fr': for French
'de': for German

but RFC1766 doesn't give values; it only describes a language tag. Ar=
e the
values actually given by ISO 639?

-Carl Kugler