IPP Mail Archive: IPP> News from Jeff Clark...

IPP Mail Archive: IPP> News from Jeff Clark...

IPP> News from Jeff Clark...

Fri, 22 May 1998 19:24:09 -0700 (PDT)


This e-mail is going out to everyone I've somehow shared e-mail addresses
with over the past three years.

The big news is that after 15 years in high-tech., I left Tektronix Inc.
in February 1998 to start a new business.

CFS Nutrition - "Feed Your Health" TM,
(CFS is short for Clark's Food Supplement)

We are on-line, stocked with product, and open for business !!

I'm sure you are wondering, "What does a guy with 15 years of electronics
experience know about health and nutrition ?"

Well, I'm an expert at not being healthy. For 11 years I suffered from
CFIDS (Chronic Fatigue & Immune Disorder Syndrome). My condition
was characterized by chronic underweight, inexplicable food allergies,
impoverished energy levels, colds all the time, frequent bouts of inability to
concentrate, depression, stress intolerance, and just plain raw nerves.

But, no more. I've been able to resolve my own situation. I've gained 45
pounds of weight (a very good thing in my case) and have learned a lot
about health and nutrition. I look and feel 10 times better at age 39, than I
did at age 29.

Along the way I discovered that businesses selling vitamins and food
supplements were not doing a good enough job serving the consumer. I
also learned that most of us are receiving inadequate nutrition for optimal
health. We all get plenty of calories, that's seldom an issue.

Knowledge, or more precisely, the lack of nutrition knowledge, is the
biggest barrier to optimum health. CFS Nutrition addresses this issue by
being a supplier of nutrition programs -- comprehensive collections of
supplements that complement and leverage each other. Your good health is
fueled by an array of nutrients, not just calories. Relying solely on a diet of
mass produced foodstuffs leaves ones nutritional status totally open to

Convenience is another big issue. Who has time to sort through 15 vitamin
bottles every day or so? We solve this problem by appropriately combining
supplements into tablets and capsules and then bagging them into daily dose
packets. We ship direct to the consumer in 72 hours, so our customers
don't even have to leave their home or office to acquire our products.

Our prices are at least 50% below what consumers would expect to pay if
they were to go out and purchase all the required vitamin bottles at the local
health food store. When people buy from us, no matter where they live,
they are making a purchase in Oregon, a state with no sales tax what-so-
ever, another savings.

Food supplements sold by CFS Nutrition are the result of collaboration
with a Ph.D. Pharmacist who has more than 25 years experience in the
pharmaceutical and nutritional supplement industries. The quality we deliver
is the highest available. Our products have all been produced and packaged
at FDA inspected and approved manufacturing facilities. All of our
supplements meet USP (United States Pharmacopeia) standards for quality,
purity, and potency.

So visit our web site: "www.CFSN.com". We take orders 24 hours a day,
7 days a week by secure (encrypted) web server, or by toll free telephone
number 1-888-801-CFSN. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American
Express and Discover. All sales have an unconditional money back

Feel free to forward this e-mail on to anyone that might be interested.

Wishing you the best in health and happiness!

Jeff Clark

PS Read on if you're interested in what I've learned about:


Ever notice that some people age much faster ? The current scientific
understanding about aging is that we "oxidize". Accelerated oxidation
speeds up programmed cell death, which determines the longevity of our
bodies. Your oxidation rates are the result of the oxidants in your body, and
your status of antioxidation nutrients. Pollutants accelerate oxidation, and
nutritional antioxidants slow it down.

Antioxidants work together and leverage each other. Vitamins B, C and E
are well known, but do you know about Glutathione ? There is an
established correlation between ones "agedness" and body Glutathione
levels. The more "aged" you are, the less glutathione you have. Not only is
Glutathione a powerful antioxidant, it facilitates the detoxification and
excretion of many oxidizing pollutants and poisons.


We all eat because we need food and feel hungry. Most of us stop eating
once we feel satisfied. For people who's bodies naturally control weight,
satisfaction comes long before one feels "stuffed". Healthy food
satisfaction has been shown to be positively influenced by adequate
amounts of B vitamins.

Another reason people keep eating is because they sense they are not getting
the energy they need from their food. Surely everyone has experienced the
mid-afternoon energy drain ? A shortage of the micro-trace element
Chromium deprives a person of an important insulin cofactor. It is believed
a majority of people are lacking in this nutrient.


There is a medical term called "catabolic wasting". Your body is dissolving
itself to make available nutrients it prioritizes higher than body mass. People
starving, with cancer, AIDS, and CFIDS tend to experience this condition,
as well as many in old age.

It is a systemic fouling of digestion, absorption, and metabolism. When
you are well fed and in this state, your body is most likely poisoned, and
lacking in beneficial activity from numerous nutrients.


Energy processes can be disrupted and put into a state from which they
seem unable to recover. Many people have fallen down this hole, and not
been able to get back out. After many years of study, the only correlation
that holds for most of the CFIDS population is depressed levels of

Glutathione can be depleted by a host of agents working alone or together.
Environmental pollutants, tobacco smoke, alcohol abuse, acetaminophen,
and mercury from dental fillings can all rob you of this most important
health asset.

Eliminate the pollutants you can identify, and boost your glutathione and
other nutrient levels. Health and normal energy can be restored over time.


If you don't know what this is, it's a common yeast that lives as a parasite in
and on everyone. For some people it just goes out of control in the GI
track, and cannot be reined back. Overuse of antibiotics can trigger it. If
you have ever received diarrhea from antibiotics, you may have a Candida
problem and not realize it.

People with a buildup of heavy metals can have this problem like a family
curse. Energy fluctuations, various intestinal discomforts, and food allergies
are hallmarks of the condition.

Weakened immunity is the reason. A person needs to detoxify their
accumulated poisons, and build up their glutathione, other nutrients, and
friendly bacteria, while avoiding sugar at all costs. Candida can be defeated!
But you must be diligent.


The big C, it puts fear into all of our hearts. There is another trace mineral
called Selenium. It is not evenly distributed in the soils. Many places,
including the NW US, are devoid of it. The slow moving FDA has not yet
declared it an essential element, because they have not yet determined a
deficiency disease.

A number of health scientists are beginning to wonder if cancer might be
that deficiency disease. An essential component of the human immune
system enzyme, Glutathione peroxidase, Selenium levels in soil and patients
have been inversely correlated with cancer incidence rates, and cancer
mortality rates. The lower the Selenium, the higher the chance of death by
cancer. Visit our website for startling medical journal references on this

Being a micro-trace mineral, like Chromium, the opposite is not true. The
body doesn't regulate this mineral like it does copper, iron, calcium,
magnesium, etc.. You can achieve toxicity by taking too much. Not enough
is bad, too much is bad. A quality supplement taken no more than once a
day assures over time that you are in the range for good health.


Everyone is aware of "bad cholesterol" and now homocysteine. Did you
know that the reason these are bad is because they oxidize your blood
vessels and heart tissues ?

The B vitamin niacin is well known to lower blood cholesterol. Vitamin E
is particularly important for protecting the heart tissues against oxidation.

In general, if you eliminate your accumulated poisons, and keep your total
antioxidant status up, your heart will last a very long time.


"Puffing your life away, not looking for another day". Smoking is really
really bad for you. Visit our website and read the many medical journal

You can quit, you can detoxify, you can rebuild your nutritional status, it
can all become a bad memory in an otherwise long and healthy life.

Smoking robs you of many nutrients and depletes your Glutathione stores.
It's delivery of carcinogens is well established.


Alcohol is not evil, though I've personally known a few alcoholics that I felt
were themselves quite evil.

Moderate, non-compulsive consumption of wines has long been associated
with good health. In the days before refrigeration, wine with a meal had an
antiseptic effect on microorganisms that got to the food before the people
did. Today we know wine pigments have important antioxidant properties.

Alcohol abuse depletes the body of B vitamins, and yes, Glutathione. Over
the years the liver can be made severely dysfunctional and damaged.
Unrestrained, alcoholism is an eventual cause of death.

A person has to break free of the addiction. Regaining nutritional health is
just as important for long life. Nutrients can rebuild the body, and the liver
can heal itself. Milk Thistle Herb has been shown to be an effective liver
protector, and stimulator for liver regeneration.


Do you regularly use acetaminophen ? Did you know it depletes your body
of Glutathione, and poisons your liver ? Every year thousands of people
die from liver failure due to acetaminophen poisoning, yet we hear nothing
about it in the news.

The medical journals are full of studies on this "over the counter" poison.
Visit our website, and see for yourself.


Your bodies immune system has two major components for it's
effectiveness: memories, and resources.

You gain immune memories by experiencing a pathogen. Your body
learns to identify and attack a collection of invaders over time. We gain
immunity to bacteria and viruses by being exposed to them. When a
known pathogen reappears, our body eliminates it quickly. Or does it ?

The AIDS plague should teach all of us that the immune system needs
more than just memories to function effectively.

Anitoxidant, B vitamin, Glutathione, toxin and trace mineral status's all
combine with immune memories to determine our ability to resist cancers
and invaders old or new.

Curiously, Selenium levels have also been inversely correlated with AIDS
mortality rates. The lower the Selenium of body and soil, the faster people
die of AIDS.


Happiness, respect for others, the ability to give and be nice to people, a
result of mental state?, economic status ?, morality?, genetics?, upbringing ?

Probably all of that, but there is more. When you are not healthy,
you are not happy. Being nice, and controlling emotions is
what healthy people do best.

We are made of nutrients, not drugs. Our bodies have inherent within
them mechanisms and processes that provide good health. They all require
nutritional resources.

Keeping those processes working properly
-- making sure they have the required resources --
seems obvious. Nutritional supplements are the least expensive, most
comfortable, and most compelling medical insurance money can buy.

Optimal nutrition benefits you every day you draw a breath.

When your body is well supplied, you are healthy, and so is your outlook
on life. You just plain feel good.

Interestingly, that helps the people around you feel good too!

God Bless You!

Jeff Clark