IPP Mail Archive: IPP> MIB - Updated IPP MIB Access specification posted

IPP Mail Archive: IPP> MIB - Updated IPP MIB Access specification posted

IPP> MIB - Updated IPP MIB Access specification posted

Tom Hastings (hastings@cp10.es.xerox.com)
Tue, 30 Jun 1998 13:02:44 PDT

I've posted the updated "IPP Device Object and MIB Access" specification,


I created a new directory: new_MIB, rather than clutter up new_MOD
(and am using the MIB prefix in the IPP mail messages too).

The ipp-mib-access-980620.* is about 27 pages.
So I created a 9-page summary, like we did for notification.
The former is intended to be a PWG standard and an IETF standards track
extension to IPP/1.0.
The latter is (and would remain) just a PWG White Paper.

I have incorporated the agreements reached in Washington:

1. Add the "mib-arc-m.n. ..." group attribute name to get sub-trees.

2. Finish the Appendix which provides all of the IPP attribute names that
correspond to accessible Printer MIB objects, include the Draft Printer MIB.
(I did not include any Finisher MIB attribute names or table numbers,
since it is only an Internet-Draft).

3. I've added sections to make this a proper Internet-Draft:
Security Considerations
IANA Considerations
Updated the references, etc.

We should see if at Monteray, we have "rough consensus" to sent it
for Last Call and Final Approval as a PWG Proposed Standard and forward
it as the first Internet-Draft. (Or should we forward it as the first
Internet-Draft during Last Call, and then make the PWG Proposed standard
(after Last Call) a second Internet-Draft, so that we can get any comments
from outside during PWG Last Call).

I've copied this to the PMP list, since it has a direct bearing on the
Printer MIB. The appendix has IPP attribute names for every accessible
Printer MIB object, including an IPP attribute syntax and a range for
integers and text strings.

* Printer MIB experts: Please check the Appendix carfully *

There are also several issues listed from the Appendix mapping
all related to the Printer MIB use of special negative integer values
to mean other(-1), no-value(-1), unknown(-2), and room-for-more(-3)
vs. IPP out-of-band values?

I've extracted them here:

1. Use -1 vs 'no-value'?

prtInputDefaultIndex Integer32,
"prt-att-5-6" (integer(-1:MAX))
ISSUE 1: -1 means no default index specified (configured?)
Should IPP change the range to (1:MAX) and use the out-of-band value
'no-value' to represent the -1 value in the MIB?
prtOutputDefaultIndex Integer32,
"prt-att-5-7" (integer(-1:MAX))
ISSUE 1a: Same as ISSUE 1.

2. Use -1 vs a new 'other' and -2 vs 'unknown'?

prtInputMediaDimFeedDirDeclared Integer32,
prt-att-8-4-r (integer(-2:MAX))
ISSUE 2: Should we change the lower limit to 0 and use out-of-bound
values: 'unknown' for -2 and a new 'other' out-of-band keyword for -1?
prtInputMediaDimXFeedDirDeclared Integer32,
prt-att-8-5-r (integer(-2:MAX))
ISSUE 2a: Same as ISSUE 2?
(repeated on about 26 more objects).

3. Use -3 vs a new 'room-for-more' ?

prtOutputRemainingCapacity Integer32,
prt-att-9-5-r (integer(-3:MAX)
ISSUE 2k: Same as ISSUE 2 (but still need -3 for the room for one more
ISSUE 3: Or do we want to add (register for use with IPP) an additional
'room-for-more' out-of-band attribute value so that this range could also
be changed to integer(0:MAX)?

Send any comments to the IPP and PMP mailing lists and we will
discuss at Monterey.


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