IPP Mail Archive: IPP> Re: New IPP Scheme

IPP Mail Archive: IPP> Re: New IPP Scheme

IPP> Re: New IPP Scheme

Keith Moore (moore@cs.utk.edu)
Sat, 11 Jul 1998 19:49:00 -0400

> It seems to me there are few if any clear, overwhelming technical merits on
> either side of the proposals. The printing community is firm on how it
> believes customers and users will perceive and use IPP and believes "ipp:"
> is not the right approach. Since other than encoded within the
> application/ipp body, "ipp:" is never on the wire, there is no real
> difference from the network's infrastructure

That's not true. ipp: would appear "on the wire" in all sorts of
places -- in HTML documents, LDAP responses, ACAP responses, etc. --
any time someone needs to refer to a printer.