IPP Mail Archive: IPP> Chicago

IPP Mail Archive: IPP> Chicago

IPP> Chicago

Harry Lewis (harryl@us.ibm.com)
Tue, 14 Jul 1998 12:35:20 -0400

>Please look over Keith's reply... Keith would like >to get our reactio=
n by
July 15th.
>Carl-Uno (7/10)

In Monterey, I expressed the urgent need to bring IPP to an agreed to l=
evel for
implementation. To the extent that the "Monterey Response" to Keith Moo=
appears to be moving toward compromise and convergence, our team will g=
consideration to this effort to the point of ratification by the IESG a=
Chicago, in August.

We feel that a timely standard is preferred over the proliferation of
independent schemes for Internet printing and have supported the PWG in=
effort. We believe that IPP is adequate and that the public will be bet=
served and much more concrete information will be learned from actual
experience, at this point, rather than continued debate.

We encourage "closure" as the overriding issue.

Harry Lewis - IBM Printing Systems