IPP Mail Archive: Re: IPP> Re: New IPP Scheme

IPP Mail Archive: Re: IPP> Re: New IPP Scheme

Re: IPP> Re: New IPP Scheme

Fri, 17 Jul 1998 08:49:16 -0400

I'm confused...

In Bob Herriot's summary of the telecon agreement, he said:

> job attributes -
> job-uri
> job-printer-uri
> printer attributes -
> printer-uri-supported
> operation attributes -
> job-uri
> printer-uri
>If the scheme of the target URL in a request (i.e. the value of
>"printer-uri" or "job-uri" operation attribute) is some scheme 'x', other
>than 'ipp', the behavior of the IPP object is not defined by this
>However, it is RECOMMENDED that if an operation on an IPP object creates a
>new value for any of the above attributes, that attribute has the same
>scheme 'x'. It is also RECOMMENDED that if an IPP object returns any of
>seven attributes above in the response, that the IPP object returns those
>URL values as is, regardless of the scheme of the target URL.

1) In the sentence that starts out "However, it is RECOMMENDED..." what
does "that attribute has the same scheme 'x'" mean? Has the same scheme as

2) The last sentence says "...any of the seven attributes above..." Yet
there are only five attributes listed above. I don't think there are
attributes missing so should that be "...any of the five attributes

3) What does "as is" later in the same sentence mean?

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