IPP Mail Archive: IPP> conflicting "attributes-charset"

IPP Mail Archive: IPP> conflicting "attributes-charset"

IPP> conflicting "attributes-charset"

Van Dang (dangv@ecs.csus.edu)
Tue, 4 Aug 98 14:26:20 PDT

How should the server handle the situation where the
"attributes-charset" of the response itself is "us-ascii",
but one or more attributes in that response is in the
"utf-8" format?

Consider a case where a client sends a Print-Job request
with "utf-8" as the value of "attributes-charset" and with
the "job-name" attribute supplied. Later another client
sends a Get-Job-Attribute or Get-Jobs request. This second
request contains the "attributes-charset" with value
"us-ascii" and "requested-attributes" attribute with
exactly one value "job-name".

According to the IPP-Mod document (section, the
value of the "attributes-charset" for the response of the
second request must be "us-ascii" since that is the charset
specified in the request. The "job-name" value, however,
is in "utf-8" format. Should the request be rejected even
though both "utf-8" and "us-ascii" charsets are supported
by the server? or should the "job-name" value be converted
to "us-ascii" and return "successful-ok-conflicting-attributes"
(0x0002) as the status code?