IPP Mail Archive: IPP> OPS - Proposal for Reject-Jobs and Accept-Jobs operator

IPP Mail Archive: IPP> OPS - Proposal for Reject-Jobs and Accept-Jobs operator

IPP> OPS - Proposal for Reject-Jobs and Accept-Jobs operator

Tom Hastings (hastings@cp10.es.xerox.com)
Mon, 10 Aug 1998 06:29:55 PDT

I've written a short paper proposing two simple operator-only operations:
Reject-Jobs and Accept-Jobs. If we have time at the
upcoming meeting in Toronto, I'd like to review it. I put it into the
same sub-directory with the Set 1 operations: new_OPS.

Internet Printing Protocol/1.0 Extension
Additional Optional Operations - Set 2
(5 pages)

Here is the beginning of the document:

Status of this Memo:

This document is a PWG Working Draft. It proposes an OPTIONAL extension
to the IPP/1.0 Model and Semantics document [ipp-mod]. There are no
issues listed. The operations-ids have not been assigned until there is
general consensus by the WG to add these operations as extensions.
These operations will be registered with IANA after approval by the WG
and after IPP/1.0 has been published as RFCs. We may want to publish
this document as an RFC as well.


This document specifies a pair of OPTIONAL Printer object operations for
use with the Internet Printing Protocol/1.0 (IPP) [ipp-mod, ipp-pro].
These operations allow an authenticated operator to set the REQUIRED
IPP/1.0 "printer-is-accepting-jobs" Printer Description attribute to
prevent or allow the creation of new jobs. The Set 2 operations are:


The Set 2 operations are summarized in the following table:

Operation Operati Brief description
Name on-Id

Reject-Jobs TBD Causes the IPP Printer object to reject
subsequent job create operations.

Accept-Jobs TBD Causes the IPP Printer object to accept
subsequent job create operations.

2 Justification for these operations

The justification for these two operations is:

a.These operations are similar to the operator-only Pause-Printer and
Resume-Printer operations [ipp-ops1]. Pause-Printer and
Resume-Printer are "job on/off switches" for the output side of
the Printer object while Reject-Jobs and Accept-Jobs are
"job on-off switches" for the input side of the Printer object.

b.These operations only set the existing REQUIRED IPP/1.0 "printer-
is-accepting-jobs" Printer Description attribute to 'false' or
'true', respectively (see [ipp-mod] 4.4.20).

c.These operations support the existing IPP/1.0 status code: 'server-
error-not-accepting-jobs' (see [ipp-mod]

d.We need these operations in order to cause the notification events
'printer-is-accepting-jobs' and 'printer-is-not-accepting-jobs'

e.We need these operations to justify adding these two events to the
Printer MIB [RFC1759] as trap event code enums using the
registration procedures in [RFC1759] as agreed to in [ipp-not].

f.Many private Printer MIBs have ways to cause the printer to reject
or accept jobs, but we can't add a new object to the Printer MIB
for this purpose to be used with SNMP. IPP is the only way to
define a standard operation. Also IPP has better security than the
SNMP that is generally deployed since these are operator-only

g.These operations have the same semantics as the ISO DPA Part 3
[ISO-10175] Disable and Enable operations for the Printer object.
The Disable and Enable operations also work on ISO DPA server