IPP Mail Archive: IPP> ADM - Agenda for PWG IPP Meeting in Toronto, August 19-20, 1998

IPP Mail Archive: IPP> ADM - Agenda for PWG IPP Meeting in Toronto, August 19-20, 1998

IPP> ADM - Agenda for PWG IPP Meeting in Toronto, August 19-20, 1998

Carl-Uno Manros (manros@cp10.es.xerox.com)
Mon, 10 Aug 1998 10:39:44 PDT

Agenda for PWG IPP Meeting in Toronto, August 19-20, 1998

Based on our disxcussions in the August 5 phone conference, here are the
points that I would like to have discused in our upcoming meeting.
(please note that some of the URLs below are too long for a name, so you
may have to manually copy them into your browser window).

Participants should bring their own copies of the documents mentioned below
to the meeting.

1) Discussion of any further feedback from the IESG
(Still no new input from IESG - reminder sent).
Input documents:

Email message on: Security parameters for IPP scheme -
Carl-Uno Manros, August 7

2) Implementor's Guide - Resolution of issues not yet resolved
(Carl-Uno will bring first version to the meeting)

3) Proposed new operations for PWG registration
Input document:

Internet Printing Protocol/1.0: Additional Optional Operations - Set 1
(11 pages)

4) Proposed new attributes for PWG registration
Input document:

PWG registration of additional attribute/attribute values

5) Accessing MIB Information over IPP.
Input documents:

Summary of "IPP Device Object and MIB access", Version 0.04 (9 pages)

IPP Device Object and MIB access, Version 0.04 (26 pages)

5) Notifications - Presentations and Report from WISEN.
Input documents:

IPP Event Notifications (Very Short), Version 0.3 (12 pages)
Scott Isaacson, Jay Martin, Roger deBry, Tom Hastings


Job Independent Subscriptions for IPP, Version 0.3 (5 pages)
Scott Isaacson, Roger deBry, Tom Hastings

Proposed Job Progress Attributes for IPP, Version 0.1 (8 pages)
Tom Hastings, Harry Lewis, Ron Bergman

6) Testing and bake-off on September 23-25
Input document:

E-mail message on rules for participation in the bake-off
from Peter Zehler, August 4

7) SDP Requirements.
Input document:

Server-to-Device Protocol (SDP) Meeting Minutes May 21, 1998
Washington, DC
These minutes have the two requirements documents included with the
dicussion of each requirement from the meeting.
It also includes action items.



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