IPP Mail Archive: IPP> TES Bake-Off Scripts: Xerox_Basic

IPP Mail Archive: IPP> TES Bake-Off Scripts: Xerox_Basic

IPP> TES Bake-Off Scripts: Xerox_Basic

Swen Johnson (sjohnson@cp10.es.xerox.com)
Wed, 12 Aug 1998 15:46:38 PDT


We have placed our example test scripts on ftp.pwg.org. We hope that others
will find these scripts useful as a starting point in developing further
tests for use in the September bake-off. Following the conventions
established in Peter Zehler's recent message, this basic test suite is in a
new subdirectory under new_TES/Test_Scripts/Xerox:


The suite's README file is included below.

We encourage others to share their improvements to these scripts by placing
them in new subdirectories under Test_Scripts/Xerox.

Swen Johnson
Xerox Corporate Research and Technology

This is the README file for Xerox-Basic IPP server
test suite. The script files in this suite are
executed by the Xerox IPP Server Test Tool (freely
downloadable from http://www.xerox.com/research/ipp).

Purpose of this Test Suite
The purposes of this test suite are to:

1) Establish a standard set of definitions for
attributes and operations that may be re-used
by other test suites (StdDefs.test).

2) Serve as an example and starting point from
which other suites may be derived.

This test suite models the Printer Working Group's
IPP Test Plan Outline Document (Feb 13, 1998).

Files Included
StdDefs.test -- Attribute & Operation defs
MyPrinterDefs.test -- You must edit this; see below
Basic.test -- Basic set of tests
TheFileToPrint.ps -- Simple Postscript master
README-Xerox-Basic.txt -- This file

How to Use This Test Suite
MyPrinterDefs.test is a place-holder file to contain
definitions specific to your printer; at a mininum, it will
define a Symbol called "target", which is the URI of your
printer. Inside you will find instructions for editing it;
we recommend that you first copy MyPrinterDefs.test to
another file appropriately named for your printer, and edit
the new file.

Once you have edited MyPrinterDefs.test appropriately,
you can run the suite using the batch file "IppTest.bat"
which is supplied with the IPP Server Test Tool. Remember
to set the JDK_HOME and PATH environment variables per
instructions in the IPP Server Test Tool's README file;
e.g., on Windows NT4/95:

set PATH=<include location of IppTest.bat>
set JDK_HOME=<path to jdk1.1.x release>

IppTest.bat -report verbose StdDefs.test MyPrinterDefs.test Basic.test

Forward comments, questions, or problems to: