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IPP Mail Archive: IPP> IPP Questions

IPP> IPP Questions

Hugo Parra (HPARRA@novell.com)
Wed, 19 Aug 1998 15:50:00 -0600

This is a list of questions/issues I've run into while implementing IPP. =
I'm not sure we'll have enough time tomorrow (Thursday) to address all of =
these, but if nothing else we can keep track of them and clarify/correct =
them in the documentation (or at least clarify them to me).

1. The protocol examples in section 9 in the Encoding document need =
cleaning up.

- Many of the name-lengths are incorrect. See the length of "copies" in =
9.1 shown as 5, the length of "job-id", "job-uri" and "job-state" in =
section 9.2 shown as 7, 8, and 8, respectively.
- Some value tags need correcting. See 0x25 being used to specify =
"nameWithoutLanguage" in section 9.2 which is undefined. I believe it =
should be 0x42.
- Other. The length and value of the job-state attribute (an enum) in =
section 9.2 is shown as 1 when it should be 4.

2. An IPP client submits a small job via "job-submit". By the time the =
IPP printer/print server is putting together a response to the operation, =
the job has finished printing and been removed as an object from the print =
system. What should the job-state be in the response?

3. Each value in a multi-valued attribute includes its own value-tag. It =
is syntactically possible then for each value in the list be of a =
different syntax (integer, uri, nameWithoutLangugage, etc) Is this right? =
Is this explicitly stated in the documentation? Does it need to be?

4. Section 3.2 of the Encoding document provides the following explicit =
definitions: "SIGNED-BYTE =3D BYTE" and "SIGNED-SHORT =3D 2BYTE". For =
consistency, we might want to have a similar definition for SIGNED-INTEGER =
(i.e.,. "SIGNED-INTEGER =3D 4BYTE").

5. Is it obvious to everyone that the "job-attributes" tag is what needs =
to be used to signal the start of the job-template attributes in a job =
submission? It wasn't to me until I saw an example in section 9.

6. We've talked about list-jobs somehow differentiating between jobs =
submitted through IPP and other jobs. Is there a hard requirement? Is it =

That's all for now.
-Hugo Parra