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From: "Carl Kugler" <kugler@us.ibm.com>
Subject: Re: IPP> IPP Questions
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> 2. An IPP client submits a small job via "job-submit". By the time the =
> IPP printer/print server is putting together a response to the operation, =
> the job has finished printing and been removed as an object from the print =
> system. What should the job-state be in the response?

The Model suggests that the Printer return a response before it even accepts the document content (see sections 16.4.8 and 16.4.9). The Job Object Attributes are returned only if the IPP object returns one of the success status codes. Then the job-state

would always be "pending" or "pending-held".

> 3. Each value in a multi-valued attribute includes its own value-tag. It =
> is syntactically possible then for each value in the list be of a =
> different syntax (integer, uri, nameWithoutLangugage, etc) Is this right? =
> Is this explicitly stated in the documentation? Does it need to be?

I think it's right. You can have a mixture of 'type3 keyword' and 'name' values for "job-hold-until-supported", for example.

A related question that I wonder about is this: when checking for equality or containment (e.g., "IF NOT in the Printer object's 'job-hold-until-supported' attribute ...") is value type considered? Is a value of type 'nameWithoutLanguage' considered equ

al to a value of type 'nameWithLanguage' if the default language for the context of the 'nameWithoutLanguage' value is the same as the language explicit in the 'nameWithLanguage' value? Can a 'name' match a 'keyword'?


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