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Subject: IPP> TES Bake-off information
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Here are the particulars for the upcoming IPP bake-off. Any corrections to
the participant list must be sent back to me by the end of business Thursday
August 27. Any questions should be directed to me.


The IPP bake off will be held September 23-25 at the Redmond campus of
Microsoft in building 27 south.

September 23 will be dedicated to set up. If everything goes very well we
may begin to test on that day.
September 24 is entirely for running tests.
September 25 will have testing up to the point we determine that its time to
start packing up.
Start time each day will be 8:30 am. The day will end about 5 pm.
Updated IPP Test Plan will be posted this week. I will send out an email
when it is available.

Equipment can be shipped to:
Microsoft Corp
One Microsoft Way
WA 98052

ATTN: Brenda Yamamoto (IPP

Please ensure it is marked '(IPP)' so that she knows not to open it and try
to find an owner for it. We will store this stuff safely and un-opened.

Brenda Yamamoto can be contacted at brenday@microsoft.com or (425) 936-6621

Any organization that presently has equipment at the Redmond campus may use
that equipment for the bake-off. The equipment will have to be moved from
its present location to the bake-off room.

The lab will have 3 10baseT network drops per organization. Bring the
hardware you need for your IPP implementation. It is recommended that you
bring some type of network analyzer to help with analyzing the test results.

Hotel accommodations are the responsibility of the participants.
The following hotels are all within easy driving / cab distance:
Bellvue Hilton
Bellvue Double-tree
Bellvue Hyatt

Organization # of participants IPP Component
___________ _____________ _____________
Auco 1 Printer
Epson 2 Client, Test Suite
Fuji Xerox 1 Printer
IBM 2 Client, Printer
i-data 1 Printer
Hewlett Packard 2 Client, Printer
Lexmark 3 Printer
Microsoft 2 Client, Printer
Novell 1 Printer
DPI/Osicom 1 Printer
Ricoh 1 Printer
Sharp 1 Printer
Sun 1 Printer
Tektronix 3 Printer
TRCS 1 Test Suite
Xerox 5 Client, Printer, Test Suite

Peter Zehler
Networked Products Business Unit
Email: Peter.Zehler@usa.xerox.com
Voice: (716) 265-8755
FAX: (716) 265-8792
US Mail: Peter Zehler
Xerox Corp.
800 Phillips Rd.
M/S 111-02J
Webster NY, 14580-9701