IPP Mail Archive: IPP> Model document questions

IPP Mail Archive: IPP> Model document questions

IPP> Model document questions

Thu, 10 Sep 1998 10:45:01 +0100

I've got following questions when I read and implement the model document.

1. In section 4.1.11 the the words say that "The 'boolean' attribute syntax
is similar
to an enum with only two values: 'true' and 'false'. "
And in section 4.1.4 the words says "The 'enum' attribute syntax is an
integer value that is in the range from 1 to 2**31 - 1 (MAX)."
Does this mean, that a boolean attribute got a 32 bit size value?
In the protocol document, it says that a boolean is a byte size!

2. In section 'Get-Jobs Request' I wondered, if the attribute
'my-jobs' is
present and set to TRUE, MUST the 'requesting-user-name' attribute be there
and if it's not present what should the IPP printer do?

Henrik Holst

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